Welcoming Arco

Phosters FM Secures Prestigious Three-Year Total Facilities Management Contract with Arco

In a significant achievement, Phosters FM is proud to have secured a three-year Total Facilities Management (TFM) contract with Arco, the UK’s leading safety products and services provider. This contract marks a pivotal moment in Phosters FM’s growth trajectory and underscores its reputation for delivering high-quality, integrated facilities management solutions.

A Landmark Achievement

The contract with Arco is a testament to Phosters FM’s robust capabilities and its commitment to excellence in the facilities management sector. Arco, known for its comprehensive range of safety products and services, demands the highest standards in every aspect of its operations. By choosing Phosters FM, Arco has reaffirmed its trust in Phosters FM’s ability to enhance operational efficiency, ensure compliance with stringent safety regulations, and provide a seamless facilities management experience.

Scope of the Contract

Under this TFM contract, Phosters FM will manage a wide array of services across Arco’s head office and National Distribution Centre in Hull, the Arco Clothing Centre in Preston, and its safety centres and safety stores throughout the UK. This includes maintenance of mechanical and electrical systems, cleaning services, as well as fabric and grounds maintenance. By integrating these services under a single contract, Arco aims to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve service delivery.

Phosters FM’s innovative approach to facilities management will play a crucial role in achieving these goals. The company’s focus on sustainability and energy efficiency will also support Arco’s environmental objectives, contributing to a greener and more sustainable operational model.

Strategic Partnership

The partnership between Phosters FM and Arco is built on a shared commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. Phosters’ Head of Business Development, Alistair Brown, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We are delighted to partner with Arco, a company that shares our values of quality, safety, and sustainability. This contract is a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase our expertise in Total Facilities Management and deliver exceptional service that supports Arco’s operational and future goals.”

Arco’s Head of Facilities, Ian Edmondson, echoed these sentiments, highlighting the strategic importance of the partnership. “Phosters FM’s comprehensive approach to facilities management aligns perfectly with our needs and values. Their proven track record, innovative solutions, and commitment to sustainability made them the ideal choice for this contract. We look forward to a productive and successful partnership.”

Looking Ahead

As Phosters FM embarks on this new chapter with Arco, the partnership will set a new standard for Total Facilities Management, demonstrating how strategic collaboration can drive operational excellence and sustainability.

Phosters FM’s success in securing this contract with Arco is not just a milestone for the company but a positive indicator of the growing importance of integrated facilities management solutions in today’s business landscape. The three-year TFM contract between Phosters FM and Arco represents a significant achievement and a strategic partnership that will undoubtedly yield substantial benefits. As both companies look forward to a successful collaboration, the industry can expect to see the positive impacts of their combined efforts on operational efficiency, sustainability, and service excellence.

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