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Phosters FM Secures Three-Year National Facilities Management Contract with Roadchef 


Phosters FM, a leading facilities management company, is thrilled to announce their success in securing a three-year national FM contract with Roadchef, one of Britain’s prominent roadside service area operators. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone for Phosters FM and reinforces its commitment to delivering excellence in facilities management services. 

About the Contract: 

Phosters FM will serve as the primary facilities management partner for Roadchef’s extensive network of roadside service areas across the UK. This comprehensive three-year contract covers a range of services, including planned and reactive maintenance, as well as compliance management and innovative solutions designed to enhance the overall experience for travellers. 

Strategic Collaboration: 

The partnership with Roadchef is more than a business agreement; it symbolises a strategic collaboration built on shared values of quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Phosters FM’s proven track record in delivering high-quality facilities management services positioned the company as the ideal partner for Roadchef in achieving its vision for excellence in service areas. 

Key Highlights of the Partnership: 

Operational Efficiency: Phosters FM brings its expertise to optimise operational efficiency at Roadchef’s service areas, ensuring smooth operations and minimising downtime. 

Innovation and Sustainability: The partnership emphasises Phosters FM’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, incorporating eco-friendly practices and cutting-edge technologies to reduce environmental impact. 

Customer-Centric Approach: With a focus on enhancing the traveller experience, Phosters FM introduces streamlined processes and technology-driven solutions to create welcoming and customer-friendly service areas. 

Alistair Brown, Head of Business Development at Phosters FM: 

“We are delighted to secure this three-year national contract with Roadchef, a leader in the roadside service area industry. This partnership aligns perfectly with Phosters FM’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability. We look forward to contributing to Roadchef’s success by ensuring their service areas provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for travellers.” 

Roisin Morris, Property Development Director at Roadchef: 

“Roadchef is excited to embark on this strategic partnership with Phosters FM. As we continue our commitment to making Britain’s road safer, happier, and greener for millions of travellers nationwide, we are confident that Phosters FM’s expertise in facilities management will further enhance operational efficiency and overall experience at our service areas. We look forward to a successful collaboration built on shared values of quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.” 

About Phosters FM: 

Phosters FM is a leading national facilities management company known for its commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability. With a wealth of experience in delivering first class FM services, Phosters FM specialises in optimising operational efficiency and enhancing the client and customer experience across various industries. 

About Roadchef: 

Roadchef is one of Britain’s leading roadside service area operators, managing a nationwide network of service areas that cater to millions of travellers annually. Committed to providing high-quality services, Roadchef plays a vital role in ensuring safe, comfortable, and convenient pit stops for road users. 

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